Today’s Life Affirmation Is Brought To You By Basset Hound Clown Car

By: 03.17.14

Basset Hounds kind of are already like the clowns of the dog world, with their sad silly faces and droopy parts, so it makes perfect sense that they would pull a clown car stunt with a tiny dog house. I’m not even going to ask why this lady owns like a dozen Basset Hounds except to say that despite the overwhelming number of dogs on this property — least protected home ever?

Corgis better step up their game, because if Bassets can keep going strong like this, they might get surpassed as the Internet’s favorite kind of dog. * Looks at some Corgi GIFS* JK you guys, Corgis will always be the Internet’s favorite kind of dog. A valiant effort, though, Bassets.

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