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The Latest Instagram Trend: Taking Sweaty Selfies #AfterSex

By 04.01.14

Sex is a sacred act shared by a man and woman, man and woman, woman and woman, man and man and man and man and man and man and man, and a cellphone. Nerve reports on a growing trend on Instagram: #AfterSex, in which horn dogs take photos of themselves once they’re finished Doing It.

Such is the same of the very public #aftersex and #aftersexhair tags on Instagram that people are now posting, with full knowledge that they can and will be searched by anonymous eyes. Often the shots are selfies, two half-profiles spooned familiarly together, always sharing contented expressions. It, like a lot of Instagram pics, is a private moment built for an audience. (Via)

“#AfterSex takes the private out of private parts” — Gene Shalit, online critic. As far as Internet trends go, it’s fairly inoffensive, if a bit of a sweaty Internet humblebrag. Look, WE GET IT, you just had sex, but I just, um, read the Wikipedia page for U2’s Rattle and Hum, which is basically the same thing, so…

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