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Dave Chappelle Crashed The ‘Today’ Show This Morning To Promote His Radio City Shows

By 06.17.14


Dave Chappelle is everywhere, all of a sudden! After the normally reclusive comedian announced his Radio City Music Hall shows last month, he’s since popped up on both Letterman and Fallon to plug his show dates, and this morning he crashed the Today show to announce the addition of four more Radio City shows.

I have no idea if the whole thing was staged or if Dave Chappelle just woke up this morning and thought to himself, hey, I think I’ll just wander over to the Today show with this cool sign I made. Somehow I can’t see Dave Chappelle being down with Matt Lauer going: “Hey Dave, you know what would be a neat idea? If you stood outside and pretended to crash our show by holding a sign up to the window! Wouldn’t that totes be the funniest thing ever?” (Matt Lauer totally talks like that.)

But then again, maybe that’s just me being optimistically naive as usual. Feel free to chime in “FAAAAAKE!!!!!” in the comments.

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