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By 06.09.14


In this installment of the Kids React series, the Fine Brothers introduced the children of today to the very much beloved cartoon of our generation, DuckTales. Being that DuckTales is indeed much beloved, I was completely prepared to be outraged at a bunch of know-nothing kids making fun of a cherished cartoon of my childhood — much like they did in the old computer technology and walkman episodes.

So it was a pleasant surprise that the kids who were introduced to DuckTales not only thought that it looked solid, but were surprised by how old it was. That makes sense, because when I was a kid my favorite show was The Monkees — which if I think about it, was horrifyingly less of a difference in years between then and when I was a kid than DuckTales and now. Also when I watched The Monkees, I at first did not know I was watching a twenty year old show until my dad told me, thereby crushing my 8-year-old dreams of marrying Davy Jones — who had at that point had already been ravaged by time.

Anyway, a few of the kids make a good point. Kids shows today overwhelmingly suck. Just stop making new stuff and run repeats of DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and Animaniacs. The world will be a better place for it.

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