The Internet Responds *Hilariously* To LeBron James Suffering A Cramp In Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

By: 06.06.14

Oh that’s good imitating, Spurs fans. Give us some more, you guys earned it.


I’d love to have attributed that photo to the person who took it, but it was stolen by every parody account and sourceless blog on the Internet. Hey Illuminati, forget the people LeBroning and get the 241K people following a corny-as-hell Shooter McGavin “parody” account first, thanks.

What about some strange settings for LeBroning? How about a department store?

Awesome, now give me a TV station news team getting in on the fun!

And now let’s close it all out with a photo that probably caused a lot of basketball fans to send perverted DMs last night.

Great job, Internet! Make sure to meet back here on Monday to check out the new version of LeBroning, which is basically Heat fans talking a ton of sh*t about all the haters.

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