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Rebecca Black Is Still The Worst Even When She Reads Mean YouTube Comments About Herself

By 06.02.14


Despite the fact that I work for the internet, I’ve managed to remain blissfully unaware of Rebecca Black for the most part. Yes, I know she had that video “Friday” that everybody took a collective dump on, but other than that, really nothing. So when I saw that Rebecca Black posted a video on YouTube reading some of the mean comments people had left on her videos, I was like, oh, this girl must be actually pretty cool. It’s always refreshing when someone has a sense of humor about themselves, which is what makes Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves so funny.

NOPE. That’s not what this is. Not at all. I had such a violent reaction to this video, that I had to restrain myself to doing this to my laptop the entire time I was watching it.

This video has about as much self awareness as people who wear nude leggings in public. I would advise her to learn a bit of humility, but with this attitude she’ll probably fit right in at whatever sorority her parents buy her into when she goes to college in a couple of years.

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(YouTube Via Huffington Post)

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