A Look At The Brilliant And Funny Posters Inspired By Best Picture Nominee ‘Her’

By 02.25.14

Spike Jonze’s wonderful Her has been the focus of way too many video parodies (“It’s like Her but with a dude, so we’re calling it Him! Get it?”). That mad dash for low-hanging fruit has, sadly, taken away from more creative work the film has inspired. Namely, brilliant alternative posters.

With the Oscars fast approaching (and Her up for five awards, including Best Picture), now is a great time to look at some of the best alternative Her posters the web has come up with. Some are playful re-workings of the original, others are parodies infused with obvious pop culture references. And then there are the gorgeous, from-scratch concepts.

First, the original.


Warner Bros. Pictures

A gorgeous effort by Derek Eads.

Another! This one from JCPE.

This reimagining by Mark Schilder is available on Etsy.

“I thought Her was a beautiful movie So I made a poster.” – Tom Vanleenhove

This clever Ironman mashup is available as a t-shirt or poster at Ript Apparel.

By Janee Meadows, for ShortList’s Alternative Her Posters


No conversation about the Her poster is complete without this startling side-by-side from the official FilmDrunk Review.

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