Here’s The Triumph-Approved ‘Banned’ Grey Poupon Ad Your Inner Kid Has Been Waiting Forever For

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06.16.14 2 Comments

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Look, nothing is “banned” anymore. We’re all aware of this. Based on the acting and production quality in this “commercial,” some guy has just rounded up his friends and a couple of jars of Grey Poupon in hopes he could leverage his video camera and YouTube account into some internet cash. I’m sure it was in no way commissioned by the people who make fancy mustard. Also, this is kind of/almost definitely a rip-off of K-Mart’s “Ship my pants” ad that made me actually consider stepping foot into a K-Mart.

But here’s the deal: We also watched and mocked Grey Poupon commercials growing up. We hall laughed at the Wayne’s World parody. And Triumph the Insult Dog still has a job for a reason.

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