'Lannista's Paradise' Is The Badass Theme Song Tyrion Lannister Has Long Deserved

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03.31.14 5 Comments
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Brace yourself, a Game of Thrones-themed rap album is coming. And the first track features Tyrion Lannister rhyming over Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

“Lannista’s Paradise” — because “Big Impin” would have been way too easy, presumably — is the first single from “Shame Of Thrones,” the Game of Thrones parody album coming soon from The Sons of Mim (although “Coming April Fools Day” isn’t the most promising marketing tagline). The album will allegedly feature promising tracks including “Arya Gonna Make Them Pay,” “Total Eclipse Of House Stark,” and “Red Wedding.”

Please enjoy this very special song of ice and (spitting hot) fire.

The Sons of Mim via HuffPo

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