Ellen Totally Made Fun Of Lindsay Lohan And Her Dumb Sexual Conquests List

Web Culture Editor
03.29.14 11 Comments


Lindsay Lohan appeared on Friday’s Ellen show to discuss her “documentary” series and new-found sobriety, and when the topic of conversation briefly touched on her flash-in-the-pan singing career — Lohan recalled a song she had performed on a previous Ellen which had been painful as she wrote it going through a breakup. Sharp as a tack, Ellen was quick to jump on the identity of the gentleman in question and then dropped in a slick reference to Lohan’s ever-growing sex list, which officially makes Ellen the hero of the internet today! Congrats, Ellen, your prize is this lovely cat video.

On a serious note, I really hope Lindsay Lohan really is sober this time, because ain’t nobody gotta be looking this rough at twenty-seven.

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