Nancy Grace Has Never Heard Of Huffing Before

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05.29.14 12 Comments
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Nancy Grace
, the shrill, sanctimonious gift that keeps on giving, unloaded the following gem on Twitter yesterday evening — despite the fact that she literally is the host of a show that primarily serves to persecute bad mothers and drug abusers, which are not always necessarily mutually exclusive.

Just take it in:


Basically, this is the equivalent if I tweeted something like, “OMG you guys, have you heard of this Grumpy Cat before? IT HAS A FACE THAT MAKES IT LOOK GRUMPY. #NoSrslyYouHaveToSeeThisThing”

Twitter, for its part, responded accordingly:

I want to submit “Does Nancy Grace Know What This Is” as a game for Billy on the Street. Never change, Nancy Grace.

(Via Gawker)

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