If 'Seinfeld' Was Truly A Show About Nothing, It Would Have Looked Like This Eerie Supercut

03.12.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

What if Seinfeld was actually about nothing. Like, not even people. That’s the question the above supercut — which pieces together various human-free shots from the iconic sitcom to form one eerie, six-minute string of nothingness — answers. It’s weirdly mesmerizing, and things get a little creepy when the bass synthesizer riffs grind to a crawl.

Of course, the show was never actually about “nothing,” as Jerry Seinfeld emphatically confirmed during his Reddit AMA earlier this year:

Redditor: … I’m always annoyed by people who describe Seinfeld as a show about nothing. Even in the later years when you guys strayed from the “how a comedian gets his material” formula, it was still about social faux pas and ridiculous social customs.

Seinfeld: FINALLY I have met someone that understands the show. Thank you for your rare and perceptive analysis.

LJ Frezza

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