‘Shameless’ Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter

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01.25.14 5 Comments


On this week’s Shameless we got some drug dealing, a house that becomes a kennel, and Fiona does something to warrant that face in the banner image. Let’s take a look.


  • With kids on the way and money to be made, Kev is now at the point where he’s nickel and diming a bit at the bar, much to the patrons’ chagrin. V’s is also slinging pills a bit above wholesale to help out
  • Shelia goes online dating, and wouldn’t you know, she finds a dude where it might go decently.
  • Going by the ginger he asked to hit it from the back with her hip muscles, I’ma go ahead and say Mickey is missing Ian.


  • Carl’s new plan to get Frank liver money is to take random dogs for ransom. It doesn’t work out.
  • Lookit, Lip’s actually putting in effort into college. Sure he got a 77 on his paper, but he tried and it’s still an improvement.


  • Frank’s daughter wants to give him a liver. I mean, it’s under the pretense that she thinks Frank is a potential mate and not her father, but I’m sure he’ll figure something out.
  • Debs’ boyfriend decided to watch Eraserhead over doing it. This still doesn’t make the whole arrangement any less icky.


  • Oh yeah, Fiona had a slight fling with her boyfriend/boss’ rehabbing brother, and he’s looking to score again. This is not going to end well at all, is it?
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