Stop Everything And Watch This Guy House Four Chipotle Burritos And A Diet Coke In Three Minutes

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02.19.14 9 Comments


A competitive eater who goes by Matt “Megatoad” Stonie uploaded this video on YouTube of himself inhaling four Chipotle burritos and a Diet Coke in just three minutes, and it is kind of a thing of beauty to watch. The best part is when — with just seconds left on the clock — he stops to politely wipe his mouth before guzzling the remainder of the Diet Coke. What a polite young man! I bet if we were on a date he’d open doors and pull out my chair and everything.

According to his Facebook page, Mr. Megatoad is the “#2 World Ranked Competitive Eater” as well as a college student. I don’t want to sell the guy short or anything, but I don’t know if there’s anything he’s going to learn in college that’s nearly as impressive as housing four burritos in three minutes. Somebody get this man a show on the Food Network!

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