A Teenager Had His CDs Seized By The Authorities For Playing Adele Too Loudly

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Thomas Alcock, an 18-year-old resident of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, loves himself some Adele. So much so, in fact, that he recently had his music collection of over 200 CDs confiscated for playing the pop star’s music at a “prominent, intrusive, and very high level.” In related news, people in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, still own CDs.

Kirklees council in West Yorkshire initially served Alcock with a noise abatement order on November 7, 2013 after complaints from his neighbours. He was warned that his equipment could be seized if he continued to play music at loud volumes until the early hours.

Prosecutor Samantha Lawton told the court: “It was so loud the handrails on a stairwell were vibrating and neighbours could identify the singer as Adele.” She added: “The music was so loud it was vibrating the handrails to the stairwell.” (Via)

NME notes, “The music collection will now be disposed of by the council,” which really means they’re all fighting over who gets to take home the copy of Big Willie Style.

Banner via Getty Image, via NME

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