Watch 24 Year-Old Jimmy Fallon’s Hilarious And Awkward SNL Audition

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02.17.14 10 Comments

In the lead up to his big Tonight Show debut, this clip of Jimmy Fallon‘s 1998 Saturday Night Live audition has adorably resurfaced — with a then 24-year-old Fallon awkwardly doing mostly celebrity impressions. My god, it’s like he’s a teeny tiny little baby bird up there! I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must be to audition for a panel headed by Lorne Michaels, and Fallon seems clearly nervous for the first minute or so until an impression of Adam Sandler makes the room erupt in laughter — and in that moment, history was made. Let’s also all take a moment to laugh at The Year 1998 Adam Sandler, who even back then, everyone obviously thought was a giant jack*ass. Ha ha, jerk!

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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