Watch This Pool Repairman Rescue A Drowning Squirrel By Giving It CPR

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06.05.14 11 Comments

Pool repairmen probably see a lot of critter casualties, so I’d have to imagine they’d eventually become desensitized to it, to the point that if they saw a squirrel drowning they’d probably just fish it out and be done with it. But I guess most pool repairmen aren’t Rick Gruber of Phoenix, Arizona, who — when he saw a helpless squirrel struggling in the water that was sinking by the time he found something to fish it out with — took it upon himself to save the rodents life by giving it CPR and helping it spit up water.

I have to admit, the whole thing is pretty adorable and heartwarming, and we can only hope that the squirrel wasn’t immediately eaten by a coyote given its woozy state from just having been dead and all.

The full video, which I assume was taken while Gruber was on the clock, is actually over an hour long — so I guess the only thing that loves Rick Gruber more than squirrels is Rick Gruber’s boss.

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