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Epic Rap Battle: Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

Gandhi and MLK (played by Key & Peele, respectively) engage in an Epic Rap Battle. (PG-13 language.)

Previous ERBs: Santa vs. MosesSherlock Holmes vs. BatmanBruce Lee vs. Clint EastwoodFrank Sinatra vs. Freddie MercuryObama vs. Romney

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GandhiandMLK(playedbyKey&Peele,respectively)engageinan EpicRapBattle. (PG-13language.)PreviousERBs:Santavs.MosesSherlockHolmesvs.BatmanBruceLeevs.ClintEastwoodFrankSinatravs.FreddieMercuryObamavs.Romney

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