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Forging Gimli’s Bearded Axe

Hollywood propmaster Tony Swatton shows how to recreate Gimli’s bearded axe from The Lord of the Rings.

Also remade by Tony: He-Man’s Power SwordBatman’s BatarangsOddjob’s HatFinn’s Golden SwordRaphael’s SaisGame of Thrones Swords, Captain America’s Shield

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Hollywoodpropmaster TonySwatton showshowtorecreateGimli’sbeardedaxefromTheLordoftheRings.AlsoremadebyTony: He-Man’sPowerSwordBatman’sBatarangsOddjob’sHatFinn’sGoldenSwordRaphael’sSaisGameofThrones Swords,CaptainAmerica’sShield

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