The Newest Videos Before They Go Viral

The Ultimate ‘Meanwhile In Russia’ Compilation

The most bizarre clips to ever emerge from Russia, all in one insane video.

How To Move A Car In Russia

You parked just a little too far away from the gas pump. What do you do? If you're Russian, you do this.

This Week’s Best Fail Videos

The funniest and most painful fail clips from the third week of January, all in one video.

The Ultimate Bike Jump Fail Compilation

The funniest (most painful) clips of failed bike jumps, all in one video.

Rooftop Jump Nearly Has Deadly Consequences

A rooftop-to-rooftop jump doesn't go as planned, and the result is nearly catastrophic.

Superhuman Facts About Babies

Babies can actually do a lot of things that you CAN'T.

The Big Lebowski (8-Bit Edition)

The Coen Brothers' classic gets retold in the style of an old school 8-bit video game.

Animals Working Out (Compilation)


Get Down! (Supercut)

When the going gets tough, there's only one thing movie characters can do: GET DOWN!

Donkey Smiles On Command

Kids at an Arizona ostrich farm inadvertently discover a happy donkey's special trick.

Rickshaw Stunt Fail

This was just a terrible idea from the start.

Backhoe Recovery Fail

A team of Turkish workers try to recover an overturned backhoe loader. It doesn't go very well.

The Best Fails Of The Week

The funniest and most painful fail clips from the second week of January.

The Ultimate Fishing Fails Compilation

The funniest, wettest, and post painful fishing fails, all in one video.

Barkwatch (Dog ‘Baywatch’ Parody)

What's better than the opening theme to Baywatch? The opening theme to Baywatch with dogs.

Watch This Adorable Little Girl Fight Confusion When Meeting Her Father’s Twin For The First Time

Thelookonthislittlegirl’sface ispriceless.Thisclipwasmakingtherounds andfeaturesafirsttimemeetingbetweenthisgirlandherfather’stwinbrother.ThedoubletakesheexecutesisexactlyhowIlookwhenIgotoIHOP andfindouttheyhaveallyoucaneatpancakesagain.Whywon’tIHOPletyoustuffpancakesintoyourgirlfriend’spurse?

The Ultimate Workout Fail Compilation

The funniest (and most painful) gym mishaps, all in one video.

Ramon The Talking Squirrel

Ramon the squirrel is very thankful for his walnuts. Here, let him tell you about it.

This Week In Unnecessary Censorship

Jimmy Kimmel bleeps and blurs things, whether they need it or not.

Dogs Trying To Carry Sticks Through Small Openings

It's like these dogs never took geometry.

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