10 Of Pop Culture's Most Famous Bites

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In the latest commercial for Dewar’s Highlander Honey, Claire Forlani asks the thought-provoking question: “What is sweetness without a little bite?” Of course, she asks that right before she lets a bee sting her finger, which is something that we’re not completely on board with, but we still get her point loud and clear. Because, as popular culture reminds us, many great and famous bites have been both painful and sweet, some more than others.

And while we don’t encourage people to go out and try to recreate any of these famous bites, we can recommend that they stay inside reminisce about them, perhaps with a little Dewar’s and far away from any actual bees.

(This feature has been sponsored by Dewar’s Highlander Honey.)

Evander Holyfield Vs. Mike Tyson II

Known to the world as “The Sound and the Fury”, this WBA Heavyweight Championship rematch took place on June 28, 1997, and was supposed to be Mike Tyson’s revenge against Evander Holyfield for taking his title seven months earlier. Instead, it was Tyson’s revenge in a completely different and disgusting manner, as he was disqualified for biting a hole in Holyfield’s ear.

All these years later, the two are actually friends and joke about the incident.

Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt In Interview With The Vampire

Interview with the Vampire

Long before Edward and Jacob had teenage girls arguing vampires against werewolves, there were Louis and Lestat making things a whole lot easier for the female fans of dramatic vampire sagas. In Interview with the Vampire, Tom Cruise’s Lestat took on the role of vampire mentor to Brad Pitt’s Louis with one epic chomp, leaving ladies to wonder what an eternity of ageless leading men would look like.

The answer, at least for us men, was “very bleak.”

Siegfried And Roy’s Pet Tiger

You didn’t think we’d show the actual bite, did you? Come on, we just had lunch. On October 2, 2003, while performing their world-famous show at The Mirage in Las Vegas, entertainers Siegfried and Roy had their lives changed forever when a mistake occurred with their prized 7-year old white tiger, Montecore. The stories vary but all rely on the detail that Roy fell on stage and Montecore’s parental instincts kicked in, leading the great beast to bite Roy’s neck, injuring him severely.

Six years later, after extensive recovery and rehabilitation, Siegfried and Roy, joined by Montecore, performed one last time on TV to benefit the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker

Just your normal kid with a knack for all things science, Peter Parker was simply minding his own business at a science show when a radioactive arachnid changed his life forever. From that August 1962 issue of Amazing Fantasy, Peter became one of the most recognizable and iconic heroes for teenage boys across the world. And it wasn’t because he could swing from rooftop to rooftop with his special web shooters or because he could beat up villains like Doc Octopus and Sandman.

It probably had a lot more to do with a certain redhead that he was always hanging around.

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Chubbs Peterson In Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore

Poor Chubbs Peterson. Played by Carl Weathers, this character in the classic comedy Happy Gilmore was all set to become the world’s greatest golfer until one fateful day, when an alligator bit his hand off. After that, Chubbs was relegated to helping hopeless housewives perfect their swings at the driving range. That is, of course, until he discovered Happy and helped him eventually defeat Shooter McGavin.

You know, despite that whole falling out of a window thing.

The Crocodile Hunter

Long before Steve Irwin, AKA The Crocodile Hunter, met his unfortunate end with a sting ray, he was a beloved TV star who allowed us to live vicariously through his seemingly insane antics of tracking wild crocodiles for our benefit. Of course, every now and then, he’d meet an awfully feisty croc, and we’d have to watch the rest of the episode with our hands covering our eyes.

Just like in this clip, when he ran into perhaps his feistiest croc ever.

Luis Suárez Pays Tribute To Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson may be professional sports’ most famous biter, but he’s certainly not alone. Liverpool striker Luis Suárez had already gotten his teeth on an opponent once in his career when he took a cheap chomp at Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic earlier this year. Suárez apologized for the needless attack, but Ivanovic didn’t accept and the league issued Suárez a 10-game suspension.

It wasn’t all bad news for Suárez, though, as he gained a new follower on Twitter for his efforts. That follower? Mike Tyson himself.


How anyone ever went back in the ocean after 1975 is just a miracle, because once Steven Spielberg introduced us to Jaws, dry land seemed like the smart play opposed to going swimming and having half your body bitten off.

Night Of The Living Dead

Before zombies could give birth in shopping malls or sprint after Brad Pitt, they were slow, silent and the most terrifying creatures on the big screen. George A. Romero’s 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead, has been ruining sleep for millions of people for more than four decades, while remakes and clones don’t even touch the original.

Def Leppard’s ‘Love Bites’

We probably should have put this first so you could listen to it while you scrolled through. Oh well, pop it open in a new window, crank it up and start over.

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