10 Photos From The Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photo Booth That You'll Want To Party With

Editorial Director

It took some serious balls for Vanity Fair to sit on these tremendous images from their Oscar party photo booth for an entire year (maybe they didn’t, but this is the first I’m seeing them), but I have to say their patience is paying off because these photos (as well as Film Drunk Oscar Bracketology) have me oddly excited for this weekend’s Academy Awards, even though I couldn’t accept my many, many invitations to exclusive after parties (ongoing beef with Wilmer Valderrama).
If you pay too much attention it’s difficult to not hate on the whole Oscars production and the vapid red carpet bullsh*t, but these photo booth images are a nice reminder that there’s a lot of Hollywood who would be fun to grab a beer with. Obviously, Rudd and Bateman top that list.
Vanity Fair has way more than the ten (technically 20) I’ve included here, specifically multiple shots of Bieber and Selena Gomez making out. I choose not to include those out of principle. Not sure which principle exactly, but several apply, so pick one. Good times captioning starts now…
Source: Vanity Fair

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