10 Important Things We Learned From The NFL’s Wild Card Weekend

01.07.13 5 years ago 24 Comments

1. On one hand, you’re thrilled if you’re a Texans fan. For the second consecutive postseason, the Bengals wet the bed in your building. Arian Foster (174 total yards) and Houston’s offensive line led by Duane Brown commanded the line of scrimmage and held the ball for damn near 40 minutes.

2. On the other, there’s still that looming issue of failing to put the ball in the end zone (four field goals, one touchdown); a red flag for Houston during the last games of the regular season. And failing to put the ball in for six is the exact problem you don’t want with some guy named Tom Brady licking his chops. In his Uggs.

3. The Bengals went 0-9 on third downs; a telling statistic as to why they failed to get anything going offensively.

4. Two straight playoff losses – and ugly ones at that – now have Andy Dalton nearing a club no quarterback wants to be apart of: The Anemic Quarterback Playoff Legion of Doom, currently headlined by Tony Romo and Matt Ryan. Dalton has to complete that pass to A.J. Green for a touchdown at the end of the fourth. He just has to.

5. The moment America found out Joe Webb was starting in Lambeau, the entire country went to their Plan B options for Saturday night. We’re sorry, Adrian. You deserve better than this. As in a legit #1 receiver and consistent quarterback play.

6. Green Bay snapped a two game home losing streak in the playoffs. Other than that, there’s not much we learned from a team playing against the Vikes for obvious reasons. The test comes next week in San Francisco.

7. While it took a half to find their rhythm, Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin’s chemistry was too much on the offensive end despite Ray Rice’s uncharacteristic two turnovers. Joe Flacco can win a game with his arm when he wants to. The only thing missing from his game is consistency. For those keeping score at home, future ESPN employee, Ray Lewis, had 13 tackles and one near interception. He’s still pretty decent at the linebacker position.

8. Andrew Luck will be fine. The Colts will be fine. Sunday just wasn’t their time. Aside from Reggie Wayne, however, Indy’s receivers weren’t helping Luck with several dropped passes as the team attempted to fight back in the fourth quarter.

9. The talk around Chocolate City for the next eight months will be whether or not Robert Griffin III should have been in the game for as long as he was. I respect RG3 telling his coach to he wanted to stay in the game. That’s the mindset of any player. However, after tossing two touchdowns in the first quarter, he only tallied 16 yards the next three (Seattle out gained Washington 371-74 over the same span). Not to be an armchair GM, but why exactly was Kirk Cousins drafted again if he’s not going to play in situations like this?

10. Once Seattle’s defense relaxed and smelled blood on the field, they clamped down and became the bullies they’ve been all season. All I know is the Roddy White/Julio Jones vs. Richard Sherman/Brandon Browner match ups will be must-see-TV next week in the Georgia Dome. Oh, Marshawn Lynch is still the result of a when scientists gene splice pit bulls and gorillas. And Russell Wilson is the greatest blocking quarterback in the history of blocking quarterbacks in the history of the NFL! Judge me, champ.

Bonus: Who had the best weekend ever? Johnny Football. That’s who.

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