183rd Ft. Smoke DZA, NYMLo, Al-Doe, & Chase N. Cashe – “Castlevania” + ‘Game Room’ Instrumental Mixtape

02.28.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

R.F.C.’s 183rd debuts his new 10-track instrumental project Game Room in which he samples classic video game themes ranging from Street Fighter to Star Fox and more. To prime the pump, the producer offers up a teaser track “Castlevania,” which features Smoke DZA, NYMLo, Al-Doe, Chase N. Cashe & DJ Will Gates. Listen to the song before downloading Game Room for free below.

1. Intro (NeoGeo Start Up)
2. Loko (Castlevania)
3. Shotgun (Knights Of The Round)
4. Punch Line (Balrog Stage)
5. Flipa (Star Fox 2)
6. Favorite Player (Guile Stage)
7. Wavy (NeoGeo Battle Coliseum)
8. Honey Dip (Star Fox 2)
9. Morning Bake (The Legend Of Ocarina Of Time)
10. Outro The Legend Of Ocarina Of Time
Bonus: Castlevania feat. RFC (Smoke DZA, NYMLo, Al-Doe, Chase N. Cashe, & DJ Will Gates)

Download183rd – Game Room Instrumental Mixtape

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