Nothing Classes Up A Celebrity Mugshot Like Pretending It Was Taken During The 1920's

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09.13.12 3 Comments

From the people who brought you Cholafied, it’s the new internet sensation that allows you to pretend some of the most infamous celebrity mugshots of all time were actually taken during the heady fun-loving days of the 1920’s when lawlessness and drunk driving was accepted — if not encouraged — by just about everyone who wasn’t the dampest of wet blankets (or so popular culture has taught me).

Here are a handful I particularly enjoyed. You can see the rest here. Mama Nolte gets top billing, obvs, and while Phil Spector is the least recognizable of the whole collection he nails wimpy ’20s sidekick yes man (“you tell ’em baws!”) so hard I thought it deserved special attention. No wonder Mel has such a false sense of confidence in his drunken belief system.

And introducing the new Lindsay Lohan

Mugshot Doppelganger via Pleated-Jeans

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