Watch 2 Chainz Go For 2 Points In High School Highlights Video

09.13.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

We already know most rappers are pretty terrible at basketball. However, when few break the plane, their efforts on the hardwood ought to be lauded. Take urban entertainment novelist 2 Chainz for example. He was simply known as Tauheed Epps in a past life; just a regular kid from College Park with hoop dreams. Here you’ll see him show off his range from downtown then swoop to the hoop for a self alleyed-rim rocker at the tail end of the video.

Never mind the final buzzer going off well before he reached the paint. You still have to admire his hustle to finish the play. Also, leave it to 2 Chainz to add a Bankhead Bounce after the dunk didn’t count. At least this video proves he always had a flair for entertainment.

Full a full breakdown on Tity’s hoopin’ skills, check out ESPN Playbook’s article, “How Good Was 2 Chainz At Basketball?”

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