Celebrity Close-Ups That Will Ruin Your Day

Editorial Director
12.02.11 32 Comments

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Apparently there’s some sort of pull-back-the-curtain movement going on and it’s looking to lay waste to how celebrities are portrayed in our culture. If there was a internet chapter meeting I didn’t get an invite (which makes sense, as my natural good looks tend to undermine such causes). But now that I’ve caught up on the 1-5 retouching scale initiative, where science is going to save the children from photoshop, it’s time to move on to a new single serving site dedicated to reminding us that these celebrities we hold in such high esteem really aren’t all that attractive if you get really, really, REALLY close-up. This also happens to be the case when you zoom in close enough to see anyone’s pores, but these people are rich and famous so screw ’em!

At first I was just going to showcase the celebs who I think are sucky no-talents, but that seemed a little biased, so instead I decided to sit here in quasi-anonymity and hand pick the twenty attractive people who happen to look the most particularly unattractive in the Celebrity Close-Up photos. Totally fair, right?

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