We Watched The VMAs, Now Here Are 20 Ways MTV Really Used To Rule

09.07.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

We had a lot of fun chopping it up while watching the VMAs with friends and want to say thanks to everyone who came by to point and laugh with us. What we all realized was that MTV’s steadily lost a bit of umph over the years, which we knew, but actually watching it brings these sad facts to life.

While traveling the Interwebs, I stumbled across “20 Ways MTV Used To Own Summer” and remembered how Music Television used to provide a stellar mix of music from across genres plus they still gave air time to really bad behavior and a lot of obnoxious personalities, much like they do now.

The difference between then and now is then there were less people willing to lose all decency for their 15 minutes of fame so it seemed more unique and engaging. And those people’s 15 minutes didn’t drag across multiple, unwanted seasons either. They lasted as long as fans wanted them, then the cord got cut.

To put all things in perspective, MTV once MTV Rock N’ Jock sports, two Julie Browns and Daisy Fuentes, who by herself heavily shifts the odds in the retro version’s favor.

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