20 Years Of Nike Basketball Designs: Nike Air Max2 CB

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
07.26.12 7 Comments

“The outlandishness of Charles’ persona and the beauty of the product married up.”

Nike digs up a doozy for today’s “Designs” entry, picking up another Charles Barkley model, The Air Max2 CB – his first true sig model, actually – and putting it with a detailed set of sketches, an old advert that maybe most have never seen and just glorious photos of the shoe itself. 1994 was ages ago, but the CB2 still rings bells (and cash registers with a retro version still available now) throughout sneaker history because it was tied in with Chuck’s now infamous “I am not a role model” ad campaign.

We’ve included all the images here but more details and tall tales associated with Sir Charles, the shoe’s construction and more are available at NikeInc.

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