Workin' On My Night's Watch Cheese: It's The ‘30 Rock' Meets 'Game Of Thrones' Tumblr Mashup

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03.15.13 3 Comments

Look, I get it. TV mashups are so 2011. But on occasion I’ll stumble across a new one that hits a particular sweet spot thanks to timing or subject matter, and today we have a winner in both categories. With 30 Rock sadly departed and the promise of Game of Thrones one of the few things keeping us afloat the combination of the two almost makes too much sense. Like a glass dishwasher.

This is especially true when you realize just how well the worlds of Westeros and Lemon meld together. It’s rather amazing, and all the credit is due to the inspired individual behind The Lemon in Winterfell for matching up Game of Thrones imagery with 30 Rock dialogue so perfectly. Here are — what I assume would be — Liz’s ten personal favorites.

Source: The Lemon in Winterfell

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