5 Potential Presidential Theme Songs For Obama

04.23.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Photo: White House Flickr

Recent polls reveal President Obama’s in a dead heat with Republican Mitt Romney. Although it’s still early, we understand the pendelum could sway either way and voters need reminders that incumbents still understand the predicament of the average American. Inspired by a French presidential candidate’s decision to use “N*ggas In Paris” as a campaign theme song, we feel our President could stand to reconnect with voters using music as a medium. For that purpose, here are five songs that could possibly help tip the scales in his favor as election time approaches.

1. Wale – “Bait” — Obama’s behind eight points with the bachelor swing vote. A novel way to get a bro hug back at the ballot box from the fellas is to toss in a strip club banger known to make asses clap. Purely subliminal, but they’ll get the message.

2. Beyonce – “Love On Top” — Obama currently holds a 19 point lead over Romney with women voters and all men know that to keep a lady you have to know how to please her. (Most) Women love Beyonce and they also enjoy this caring, encouraging ditty so run with it to show them love. Extra points if he gets Beyonce to sing the song live on the campaign trail while he and the First Lady do a backyard two-step like older Black folk are known to do.

3. Devin The Dude – “Go Fight Some Other Crime” — Secret Service scandal schmandal. The Pres can make a statement stronger than words just by cueing up The Dude’s cop deflecting track any time a reporter tries to harangue him with questions of what the men in black did.

4. Chief Keef – “3Hunna” — Obama’s expressed his disdain for Kanye as a person, but admitted West is talented. Since Kanye recently reached back to the streets of the Chi and pulled in the whole G.O.O.D. Music team in support of an upcoming remix of Keef’s proclamation of authenticity, the President should take a similar cue to let young voters in the Midwest know he’s in tune with their dilemmas and daily listening habits. Show’em Barry from the Chicago block still reps for the streets.

5. The Staple Singers – “Let’s Do It Again” — The Pres got a lot of love when he performed Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” so why not do another golden oldie that can be a underlying tie-in to bring voters back to change they believed in when he was originally elected into office. In fact, we suggest that he could perform the song on every 1 in 5 campaign stops, just to lighten the mood.

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