A Career-Defining Guest Verse From Jadakiss

01.31.12 6 years ago 31 Comments

There are some things impossible to change my stance on. Tupac. Michael Jordan. LeBron James. The movie Paid In Full. My love for Rihanna and Paula Patton. Martin. Ranch dressing. Why the summer of 2007 was the best one of my life. And what Jadakiss’ career highlight guest verse is. In the interest of this, focus on the last item and just know even a signed letter from President Obama himself cannot force me to alter my opinion. The verse in question, you ask? This one.

“Yo, uh, it’s Task Force Tuesday, the NARCS is in the black car
I got five hundred hundred-packs in my backyard
Clear twelve-twelve’s, that look like stuffed shells
I’m cutting niggas’ throats on the sales, while they puff L’s
Don’t leave nothing unbagged, shave everything
I learned from the O.G.’s to save everything
They come by one more time, they gon’ hop out
They two deep, and one is a bitch, she getting knocked out
Then I can get rid of the pack
But I just copped this pretty chrome thing, so I’m dipping with that
Uh, down-shifting on ’em like I got gears on me
(Run!) Besides that, I got about 5 years on me
(Run!) Scared to death, running like I got bears on me
(Run!) My Timbs start feeling like they Nike Airs on me
(Run!) It’s hard for me to slow down, it’s like I’m on the Thruway
My belt’s in the crib on the floor by my two-way
Now I’m trying to hold my hammer up, and my pants too
If they don’t kill me, they gon’ give me a number I can’t do
Rather it be the streets, then jail where I die at
And I’m ashmatic, so I’m lookin’ for somewhere to hide at
But they too close, and I got this new toast
Imagine if I would of let off a shot or two, you know what I gotta do…”
– “Run,” from Ghostface’s The Pretty Toney Album (2004)

Ghostface is a personal favorite amongst the TSS family for obvious reasons. I’m also well aware “Blood Pressure” will receive a boatload of support for his finest guest appearance, and that’s fine. But like I said, my mind’s already made up on this, so debating with me would do about as much good as arguing with a light pole. Fleeing from the police isn’t exactly high on my bucket list. Pending I ever find myself in a situation where I need to do so, however, Jada’s verse from “Run” will be streamlining through my head.* Kiss’ verse was so descriptive it was almost like watching an episode of COPS minus the snaggle tooth drunk guy in a wife beater. By the time he gets to the “holding the hammer up,” I’m usually already in full fledged performance mode which leads me to believe actually being in the studio when this was recorded had something special. Kiss really should’ve dropped 48 bars just to drive the point home he can (when he wants to) single handedly decapitate a track.

Throw this on the next time you’re on the highway and watch the speedometer hover around the 90 miles per hour range. Chances are you’ll be living this verse out in no time.

* – Not really, but it fit.

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