Rap Legacy: “Hometown Glory”

09.16.10 7 years ago 38 Comments

If Adele were thinner, more crack-addled and a bigger train wreck of a human being, then she’d be just as famous as Amy Winehouse. Her voice is just as strong. Lyrics are just as poignant. And her album, 19, is right up there with Back To Black as a near-flawless piece of work. One of the best tracks from 19 is the anthem, “Hometown Glory.” The song is an ode to Adele’s city and the beauties of having a place to call home. It has a universal appeal driven home by Adele’s Siren-like voice. The song’s universal message combined with rappers’ desire to put on for their cities makes the hook perfect for sampling. In the last year, at least four producers have flipped the sample to great results.

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