A New York City Man Found A Dead Rodent In His Wrap From A Salad Restaurant

07.09.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

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An anonymous patron of the New York City chain restaurant Chop’t, specializing in salads and wraps, bit into a wrap he had ordered yesterday in the company’s Financial District location and horrifyingly found a dead rodent peeking out at him. It’s unclear if the rodent was a mouse or a rat. (Mouserat?) A couple of colleagues of the person who ordered the wrap tweeted the photographic evidence, which they have since been taken down — as neither of them apparently realized what happens on the internet when you post pictures of dead rodents in food via your public Twitter account.

Gothamist reached out to the founder of Chop’t, who stated:

When reached via phone, Chop’t Founder Tony Shure told us he knew about the incident and said that the store had been shut down for the day, adding that staff was “doing a deep clean.” An employee at the 80 Pine Street location confirmed that the location is currently “closed for maintenance.”

The uncensored images are below, which I warn you are disturbing in a way that might make your morning oatmeal come back up. On the plus side: What’s the only thing worse then finding a mouse in your wrap? Finding half of a mouse in your wrap! HEYOO! Just a little Rat Wrap humor for you, there.



(Gothamist via Gawker)

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