A Preseason T-Shirt For The Ages

08.21.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

World’s most loathed mini mogul, Dan Snyder, didn’t get where he is by NOT monetizing every little thing he possibly could. With that in mind, of course there is a shirt being sold by the Redskins team store pushing the preseason showdown between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III as tomorrow’s history…TODAY! Snyder, you brilliant opportunistic fleecing bastard.

If anything, I would argue that the shirt is more a potential investment for lovers of ironic football shirts. Buy it to keep as a treasured keepsake and people are just gonna laugh at your desperation. But get one in the hopes that one or more of these quarterbacks turns out to be a bust, and the world laughs along with you. If you had an EPIC SHOWDOWN: PEYTON MANNING VS. RYAN LEAF, OCTOBER 4, 1998, why, you’d have quite the deliciously pathetic memento on your hands, wouldn’t you? This is even better since it’s for a preseason game. Just adds that extra touch of camp so necessary in bad T-shirts.

Now, if you’re in the business of trolling ‘Skins fans – and who isn’t? – the pro tip is Photoshopping Kirk Cousins into the right half of the design. HE DID LOOK BETTER AGAINST THOSE BACK-UPS, COOCH!


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