“A Psychic Told Me”

02.12.09 9 years ago 24 Comments

50 cent breaks new boundaries yet again, and twice. First, by writing a “diss poem”. Secondly, by doing this buffoonery.

Now, I understand that the man is beefing with Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Anyone who forgot to send him a birthday card DJ Khaled, and that supposedly someone dissed his kid…

But having his goons show up to Mrs. Khaled’s place of work while she’s asleep is like an inflated gangsterification of an inappropriate “Yo Mama” joke.

“Yo mama so fat… that I…uhhh…had to cut through blubber before stabbing the bitch!”

Uh, no, Mr. Jackson.

There was some jest in taking Ross’ girl out, because he made jokes about your girl and all, but this stuff right here is beyond me. I don’t even like Khaled; quite despise him to tell the truth, but I’m not even attempt to cosign this shit.

I often wondered how far a man would go to sell records. Now, I kinda don’t wanna know.

*walks out of the circus*

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