A San Jose Woman Was Saved From A Fire By Her Dog, But 93 Of Her Cats Were Not

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07.16.13 9 Comments

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Sometimes we find the strange stories. Sometimes we find the sad. This one is definitely a little of both, as a woman in San Jose, California is lucky to be alive today, after a fire broke out in her home earlier this morning. Carole Miller was reportedly asleep in the front of her home around 1:43 a.m. when her dog, Bunny, began barking.

That’s when Miller discovered that her bedroom in the back of the house was on fire, and she and Bunny escaped to a patio in the backyard, from which they were eventually rescued. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the majority of Miller’s 100 pet cats. You read that right.

“Tonight a lot of things went in her favor,” he said. “Had the dog not woke her up, she may not have been able to get out of this fire.”

Williams said the firefighters also were hindered in battling the fire by more than 100 cats that were in the home.

“There were multiple, multiple animals we had to get over to fight the fire,” he said. “I’ve never witnessed this many animals in a single home…There were more than 100 cats. “

Animal control officers were also on the scene and Williams said only 5-6 cats survived the blaze. (Via KTVU)

Obviously, that’s horrible to think about. Absolutely horrible. No animal deserves that sort of torture and horrible demise.

But 100 CATS!!! To put that into perspective, if you have one cat, imagine that you have 99 more cats and they all live in your single-family home. Miller told KTVU that she rescues colonies of cats and that’s why she had approximately 100 of them, but HOLY COW that’s just way too many cats.

According to ABC 7 News, seven of Miller’s cats were rescued, but 93 died.

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