Adorable Quotes, Suave Cat, and Links

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Facebook Fail-Log: June Edition [Uproxx]

20 Of The Greatest Flash Mobs Ever Conducted [Uproxx]

Beauty Queen Saves NY Times Reporter Brian Stelter From Weinergate-esque Twitter Humiliation [Uproxx]

Cinema’s Most Overused Line? “You just don’t get it, do you.” [Filmdrunk]

Casting Crimes: Dorks Paired With Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan [WarmingGlow]

Joe Rogan Needs To Get Rid Of The Seaward [WithLeather]

Video: Tyler The Creator ft. Frank Ocean – She [RealTalkNY]

A Dish Served Cold: Michael Jordan’s 10 Most Memorable Revenge Games [TSS]

Selena Gomez does the walk of shame [Fark]

Captain Jack Sparrow Was A Muslim [Buzzfeed]

The Smoking Jacket’s 69 Sexist Celebrities [TSJ]

Adult Swim’s 11 Friendliest Monsters [AdultSwim]

Have You Seen The Youtube Horror Film [Unreality]

The iPhone Pic Queen Tops This Week’s Hottie Index [Brobible]

Summer’s Sexiest Women: The Lovely Ladies of ‘X-Men’ [Moviefone]

“Good News! Megan Fox May Not Be As Gross As We Thought!” [Pajiba]

VIDEO AND GIF BELOW: This cat dismounts like a boss. [via SayOMG]


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