Breath of Fresh Aer: How A Suburban Boston Duo Checked My Chin

04.21.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Hearing a group like Aer makes me realize two things. First, the fresh at TSS can occasionally miss greatness. Second, keeping up with new music is almost impossible. Upon tripping into a video for this Wayland, MA duo’s video for “Feel I Bring,” the skill they possessed became evident, as I sat in awe at how humbled these two extremely talented, regular-looking dudes had me feeling.

Just briefly digging into their background, David von Mering and Carter Schultz have earned that, though. For having only released two mixtapes since 2010 (Water On The Moon and The Reach, respectively) and one EP (What You Need), these two have accomplished quite a bit with their reggae rap vibes. They’ve already cracked the Top Ten Album chart on iTunes, done shows all along the East Coast (including a few with Cris Cab and Mac Miller) and are about to witness the mind-clearing single that drew me in reach a million YouTube views any time now.

And, with all that said, here I am hopping on a bandwagon. An elbow-to-elbow bandwagon, at that. Something I typically despise doing, but am not afraid to admit for this group specifically. You know why? Well, there’s about a hundred reasons. First of all, they’re laid back, opposed to unnecessarily aggressive. They don’t try as half as hard as almost all the acts I hear, but come off more polished than most. Very rarely is their content rapping about rapping, which is the quicksand of hip-hop. Their image isn’t a front. Their music is fun. While not every one of their songs is my favorite, they’re all cohesive. Basically, Aer (which I don’t even know how to pronounce properly) have all the makings of a group that can succeed in probably the most cut-throat business there is, which is very clear because they’ve pretty much already done it.

So, you know what? F*ck my opinion. It doesn’t even matter. Neither does yours. From one fan to hopefully another, here’s some dope music for you to enjoy, spread and just straight kick back to. Whether you like it or not, just know that’ll Aer will definitely come back around in way or another, so soak ’em up before you’re sopping wet.

Props to This Song Is Sick, Sunset In The Rearview and Last.FM for the background and beating us to the punch.

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