Meme Watch: Almost Politically Correct Redneck Is Here To Offend Everyone

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05.15.12 4 Comments

This weekend, Redditor IanL27 posted an image macro which kicked off the hilariously inappropriate “Almost Politically Correct Redneck” meme. Most of the macros open with a statement that’s civilized, then finish with something absurdly offensive or creepy. Often he’s arriving at the more empathetic outlook for the wrong reason. In other words, it’s “GOLD, JERRY, GOLD!”
Part of its quick popularity is likely a response to North Carolina’s Amendment One. Brett Ratner told me that Almost Politically Correct Redneck did not vote in favor of Amendment One . . . because voting is for f—gots. (I’m allowed to say that because I’m a center fielder for the pink team. Assume I made a pitcher/catcher joke here and we’ll move on.)
All of the pictures below are courtesy of Quickmeme, and man did these take a while to find. There are over 600 image macros for this, and yet I had to wade through several pages of unusable pictures and click the frowny face all over the place because so many of them were filled with over-the-top slurs preceded by a set-up which wasn’t even a politically correct statement. In other words, trolls be trollin’.

This sums up about a fourth of the awful ones I rejected. Ugh. Get it together, internet.

Whoa. I think this meme just became self-aware.

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