The Sarcastic Reviews For Animal Antibiotics Show The Sad State Of American Healthcare

Entertainment Editor
08.01.17 4 Comments


Healthcare costs a lot more than $12 per year, and is projected to increase another 5.4% this year. Obamacare has slowed the rate of increase, but many are still struggling with huge deductibles, high copays, coverage gaps, and geographical barriers like states that don’t participate in subsidies or only have in-network hospitals in one part of a state. Making matters worse is the uncertainty about whether the federal government will stick to their promises or intentionally implode the marketplace and then blame somebody else. In effect, killing Peter to pay Paul.

While some people still suffer awaiting a better solution, others are trying to help, like dauntless protesters, generous donors, and the drug company voluntarily capping their own price increases. In the meantime, some choose to make due with dangerous methods like depending on self-diagnosis and over-the-counter veterinary medicines.

Full disclosure: my other job is in a drugstore. Over the years, I’ve seen too many people trying to avoid bankruptcy by patching up problems with slapdash and dangerous methods like supergluing their own wounds shut and taking fish tank amoxicillin for their own infections.

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