Amy Winehouse – “Our Day Will Come” Video

11.19.11 6 years ago

Posthumous videos are always eerie to watch. This is partially due to the “damn they really are gone forever and this is all we have left” feeling that forms in the pit of my stomach when said person is shown during happier times. And this is with both celebrities and people I grew up with. A collection of videos and pictures, Amy Winehouse’s “Our Day Will Come” is sure to produce a lump in the throats of all of her diehard fans. For those never billed as her biggest supporters, like myself, it’s a testament to how we probably should have taken the time to view her. She was controversial, a frequent headline maker for the wrong reasons and at times hellbent on killing herself, but equally as talented.

This serves a cover from the Ruby & The Romantics 1963 hit by the same title and the next look at her Lioness: Hidden Treasures album which drops December 5. Pre-order it here.

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