A Newspaper Used The N-Word In A Headline To Try To Make A Point About Racism

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07.07.14 32 Comments

WestView News

86 year-old youth author and journalist James Lincoln Collier penned an opinion piece about the racism of right-wing voters for New York City’s West Village publication, the WestView News — which has a circulation of around 20,000 voters. So that’s great, because racism is bad, right? I mean, good for him! Well, not exactly, because Collier’s piece was titled “The N***** In The Whitehouse.” Only without those little asterisk thingies. He wrote out the whoooooole word. I guess you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an anti-racist omelet? Strangely people didn’t see it that way. The New York Post writes:

Collier “wanted to use the word” to “shock us into accepting that there are people who believe and use this outrageous word,” [editor/publisher, George] Capsis went on. In the piece, Collier, an author of novels for young adults, complains that “far-right voters hate Obama because he is black.”

“The simple truth is that there is still in America an irreducible measure of racism,” the piece reads, going on to condemn how “America’s increasing tolerance of far-right opinion has made racism more acceptable.”

Look dude: We all know racism is still alive and well and that sucks. Look no further than this lady to prove that. But hey, the fact that we even have a black president who had lasted two terms speaks volumes about the progress that’s been made in our country, and throwing around hurtful slang isn’t going to bring anything new or productive to the table. So quit it with your old timey version of clickbait.

And just in case we’re still not clear: Yes, this means absolutely no Holocaust survivor reflection pieces under any circumstances titled “Let’s Just Kill All The Jews!”

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