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08.13.12 5 years ago 39 Comments

It’s Cowboys and Raiders on ESPN this evening, so the above photo seems appropriate. Not sure what the extra “I” is supposed to signify. Maybe it used to say “HEIL HATERS” before parts of a few letters fell off. Anyway, it’s the debut of the Jaws-less two-man booth on Monday Night Football. My guess is while it may not lead to a significant reduction in annoying banter, there will at least be fewer instances of NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE being said unabbreviated.

— In a rare non-aggravating ESPN nugget, tWWL will air a 30-for-30 documentary about Bo Jackson in December.

— Louisiana State Police say they have no evidence that the Saints engaged in illegal wiretapping of opponents in the Superdome. Roger Goodell said he will take that in careful consideration a few months after banning everyone in the franchise from the game for life.

— This week in athletes getting caught adjusting themselves on camera: Rams receiver Greg Salas.

— VH1 opted to pull the upcoming reality show with Chad Johnson and wife Evelyn. Because fighting and domestic violence is now apparently something they’re not interested in showing.

— The Wildcat formation that everyone assumes the Jets will run is now a secret the team is keeping. I’ll try to act surprised when it picks up three yards.

— They may have driven up for Tebow, but they look to be more in Sanchez’s age range.

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