So Anne Hathaway Almost Died This Week

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Were it not for the brave efforts of a surfer, brah, the world would have been deprived of one of its foremost Carrie Mathison impressionists. While swimming in Hawaii on Wednesday, Anne Hathaway got caught in a rip current and began, according to Radar, “screaming for assistance when the waters turned fierce.” Thankfully, an anonymous surfer was nearby to rescue Hathaway from going all method and dreaming a dream of oxygen gone by.

Anne’s husband, Adam Shulman, was present for the heart-stopping moment and rushed to grab a first-aid kit when his wife was pulled out of the water sporting a scraped-up foot.

The Devil Wears Prada starlet, after averting disaster, seemed to be in better spirits while she recovered on the shore with her hubby, who nursed the hurt foot. (Via)

Who was this heroic surfer who kept ABC Family from having to retire The Princess Diaries (for a week)?

greg brady

The power of the tiki tried to kill Anne; the masculinity of Greg Brady saved her.

Banner via Getty Images, via Radar

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