Anonymous Set To Go Forward With Plan To Reveal Members Of Deadly Mexican Drug Cartel

11.03.11 4 Comments

After it appeared that the notorious hacker group Anonymous would call off its threat to post the names and addresses of Mexico’s deadly Zeta drug cartel’s members — many of whom are corrupt cops, taxi drivers and seemingly ordinary citizens and businesses — in response to Zeta’s kidnapping of an Anonymous hacker, the group now says all systems are go for the threat to be carried out this weekend.

In the words of Bill Rafftery: ONIONS!

The Atlantic Wire spoke to Barrett Brown, the group’s unofficial official spokesmen, who cleared up any ambiguity.

“It actually was initially cancelled but the decision was made without the input of everyone involved,” Brown told The Atlantic Wire, adding that the story wasn’t misreported this time but lacked all the details. “After it was cancelled we got to talking about it, and the video got a whole lot of views. [Members of Anonymous] had a vote amongst themselves and decided to go ahead.”

Brown says the release is mostly made up of Mexicans with ties to the Zetas cartel. There is one United States district attorney on the list, however. “The DA has worked with another organized crime outfit that may or may not be peripheral to the Zetas, but which is probably not connected in any significant way,” Brown told us in an email. “That info was provided by a separate informant yesterday and I’m investigating now.”

Compared to many previous Anonymous activity reported widely, Operation Cartel sounds particular grizzly. After the release, Brown says that the cartels things will take these things into their own hands … and in some cases will probably kill the people” unmasked by Anonymous. Brown, a fast talker with the slightest hint of a Texas drawl, didn’t skip a beat when he told us this.


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