Arrow Gets a Winky New Trailer

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08.13.12 4 Comments

The CW is trying, really hard, to sell Arrow to teenage girls. Like, really hard.

But it also may or may not be stumbling into actual watchability.

Granted, I’m a human cinematic garbage disposal. I even enjoyed The Cape even as I watched that Titanic go down on air.

And even bad TV can be fun provided its amusing enough. That said, it is a little curious that we haven’t actually seen much more of Arrow in its previews. About half of the teaser below is from the preview clip where Ollie takes revenge on the tennis balls that wronged him.

On the other hand, it does show that it might not be goofing around in a few respects.

One thing I have to admit I like: dudes getting shot with arrows. None of this “firing an arrow up the barrel of a gun” crap, he straight up nails a guy in the shoulder with an arrow.

Considering all the miserably wussy ways the show could have dodged angry letters from parents, that’s pretty welcome. I assume, though, that the beatings we see where he uses his finely tuned longbow as a bludgeon will be more common.

Either way, this show is looking a bit better. We’ll be liveblogging the premiere since it’ll be either surprisingly good… or a total train wreck.

image courtesy the CW

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