Available For Purchase: The Short Bus Of Sadness

08.02.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

It’s not every day a vehicle with an Eric Metcalf seat cover is open to the public for purchase, so obvious we’re living in strange and wonderful times. Indeed, for the low, low, not really that low price of $4,000, this Browns Short Bus can be yours.

Browns Fans!!! Here is your chance to own your very own Cleveland Browns Tailgating bus! It is 100% ready to go–you could be tailgating in it next week! Don’t waste your money on a generic bus and then have to spend nearly $2k for the paint job alone. This a 1986 Short-Bus that is the perfect size for tailgating in the muni-lot. It is a regular Chevy 350 V8 GASOLINE engine, with only 114,000 miles on it. I have had the bus for 4 years and have done all the customizations myself. Unfortunately, I have to sell because I can’t make it to as many games as I would like.

I would like to believe this was the preferred ride of Rob Ryan when he was coaching the Browns defense a few years back. The curtains are a definite Wolfman touch. There would be some things going on inside that the world wouldn’t need to know about, but if there has to be shade, but ought to be a small touch of classy. The ladies appreciate that. That said, the interior is far too well maintained and absent questionable stains to have housed Rob Ryan. Unless the most recent owner put in a ton of work to clean the thing up, which might go to explain the high asking price.

[via Busted Coverage]

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