If ‘The Avengers’ Were More Like ‘Friends’: Now With Video

Entertainment Editor
03.07.12 3 Comments

If you liked the “easy breezy WASP-y feel” of the Avengers/Friends .gif wall from last week, you’ll be pleased to know Coleen made a trailer expanding on the concept. No one told us life was going to be this way. The mashup uses footage from Marvel movies as well as lighter fare from some of the actors’ previous films to create fake opening credits to Friends.

Unfortunately, she didn’t use Chris Evans’ whipped cream scene from Not Another Teen Movie, which is a shame because any excuse to use that footage is cool with us, even at eulogies. I’m trying to think of any other ways this could possibly be better. That’s tough. Hmm, maybe by spelling Clark Gregg’s name right and including even less Gwyneth Paltrow. We’d totally nourish our inner aspects with that.

(H/T: Madisonyork via /film)

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