Awesome People Hanging Out With Paul Rudd

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08.26.11 19 Comments

I have a theory that we could form a more accurate terrorist watch list by simply taking a national poll of anyone who doesn’t like Paul Rudd. EVERYONE likes Paul Rudd. And if you don’t, you’re a terrorist. That’s the crux of theory if the first line lost you.
On the internet the dude ranks second only to cats in “things universally loved.” And it’s for good reason. I could start listing all his awesome qualities but then I think I’d be required to get one of those crude celebrity tattoos on my thigh. If you need his awesomeness hammered home just peruse the Paul Rudd tag on Film Drunk.
Our Idiot Brother opens today (Vince’s review here) and BlackBook lucked into an interview with Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd Light, Adam Scott, where the two discussed their twenty-year bromance, late night drunkfests, and how Rudd’s d*ck shines like the sun. They also took some awesome photos like the literal butt-buddies one above. Let’s just say reading the interview gave me a wicked case of party envy, which got me to thinking that everyone probably wants to hang out with Paul Rudd, even awesome celebrities who don’t spend hours on end scrolling through F*ck Yeah Tumblrs. It didn’t take much research to find out that is indeed the case.
So I’ve taken a page from the always entertaining Awesome People Hanging Out Together and created a Paul Rudd edition. I tried to stick with off set, behind-the-scenes, non-publicity photos but a few awesome ones crept in anyway. While some of the people hanging out with Paul Rudd are more awesome than others, keep in mind they were all awesome when they hung out with Paul Rudd. Captions provided where I saw fit.
Sources: F*ck Yeah Paul Rudd and #Paul Rudd
Even the Dude wants a photo with Paul!
Ken Marino and a couple of dudes I have no idea who they are. (Update: It’s been pointed out in the comments they are the uber talented Scott Aukerman and David Wain.)
Vanity Fair outtake.
With Jon Stewart. Pre-bullfight, I assume.
On the set of Wanderlust.
George Brett sighting!
Did you know Paul Rudd photobombed a Galifianakis SNL closing?
Halloween with who I assume is one of Rudd’s presumably awesome kids.
This was begging to be added. And the grill man seems like a cool guy.

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